Need to get a workout in before the fireworks?
Tracey is accepting appointments the morning of the 4th of July.
Contact her directly at or book through MINDBODY.

However, Evening Mat Class is Cancelled so that we may celebrate!


Back by popular demand, Emergency Preparedness and Safety Specialist, Julie Barron Morrill is returning to share her Women's Safety Course at Katona Pilates. Part 1 & 2 focus on:

  • How to recognize and avoid potentially violent situations

  • How to respond to violent situations

  • Basic tools for fighting back, including:

    • The ideal stance to help maintain your balance and get away

    • Basic moves: punches, kicks, elbows, and knees

  • Defense skills against common attacks

Click Here for a full class description.

Sign Up On Mindbody:

Self Defense Part 1- Sunday 8/19

Self Defense Part 2- Tuesday 8/21


Hood To Coast


We are very excited to have our very first Katona Pilates Hood to Coast team! Captains  Tracey, scooper Dana Honn and Julie our self defense teacher are running with many of our Scoop Squad  as well as some guests from around the country that Tracey has taught on her travels.  Ivy and scooper Stacey Hanson are our team’s volunteers.

We are looking to add one more female runner to the team. Interested?
Let's connect.


Teaser Time!

August will be here before you know it! What magnificent scooping will you share with us for our annual community competition? Funny to fantastic we can't wait to see your best teaser. 

We wish everyone a joyful and adventurous summer!

Love all around,KP