Tracey Katona is an amazing Pilates instructor. Not only is she incredibly educated and experienced, she is gifted at teaching. Tracey has a rare ability to read peoples bodies. She can adjust workouts and sessions at any moment as she watches your body move. When I started working with Tracey my posture improved dramatically as did my strength at the end of races. She helped me to gain body strength and awareness, all while keeping our sessions fun and enjoyable. I would recommend Tracey to any new client, you will have a great experience.
— Kara Goucher (Professional distance runner)
Taking Tracey Katona’s Pilates classes over the years has not only helped with preventing injuries but also helped me take my game to the next level through the understating of my body and allowing me to use the correct muscles while making strong and explosive moves.
— Channing Frye (Professional Basketball Player)
As a former professional cyclist, I am continually impressed with Tracey’s knowledge of the body, it’s structure, and how it all works together. She has held me together so that at over 40 years of age I am still able to ride my bike hard and be pain free. Pilates is an amazing tool when you have the right teacher, and Tracey will always be mine!
— Hilary Billington (Professional Cyclist)
Dear Tracey:

It was indeed my pleasure to meet you and to work with you. I was not kidding when I told you I thought there was something wrong with me given that I did not get any positive results with another Pilates studio.

Now thanks to meeting you I know the true source of the problem. I consider this to be very important work and I am very serious about every aspect of our sessions. All of my classically trained instructors have observed that my body responds well to the work and the only comments from the other instructors was “you’ll eventually get it just keep trying”

I worked outside most of the day doing yard work and I was pooped out. After our session I felt like I floated home and I immediately started working on a wood working/
decopauge project. Plus my toes are still stretched out and flat.

Thank you so much for being who you are and for doing what you do. I look forward to working with you and I promise to take the work seriously and to doing the best job that I can on anything you ask me to do. Plus I love the fact that you are such a fan of doing things exactly as they should be done AND to proving so much useful feedback and correction instructions.

Thank you so much!

Best regards,

Bob Hansen
— Bob Hansen (Professor, University of Minnesota)
Tracey is an amazing teacher. She has an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of the Pilates method, and is a tireless proponent of doing Pilates correctly and safely. Her enthusiasm for the work is infectious and is a continual inspiration to my practice. It is both an honor and a joy to be her student.
— John Keith (Passionate Pilates Student)
I love to dance. As a child, growing up with a cleft lip and palate, I usually didn’t feel very good about myself. But when I danced, I could become someone else and I was set free. For those moments, I could step outside myself and feel, dare I say it, beautiful. Now that I’m older and busy with work, I don’t always take the time to go to dance class. And that piece of me, sadly, gets buried. So imagine my delight when I discovered that Canyon Ranch was going to have a Dance Week — days filled with classes in all styles of dance and technique from Broadway to ballet to Vogue. I was in heaven! To be in the most magical, peaceful setting, beginning the day with majestic walks amid the giant blue sky, followed by a delectable breakfast and hours of dance — PLUS all those other great mind stretching, spirit rousing classes and offerings. Life was good. But truly the icing on the cake was when I arrived and discovered that dance week also included the opportunity to be in a recital. I could dance onstage! I arrived at rehearsal and saw the warm choreographer. She had smiling eyes and seemed so genuinely happy to have me. She shared that they would be doing a ballet. I’m least proficient in ballet. While I’ll happily take a ballet class, to perform it on stage in front of people is another story. I revealed my hesitation. ‘I’m not much of a ballet dancer,’ I told her. I didn’t think I could or should do it. She handed me a straw cowboy hat and declared with the utmost confidence in me, ‘you are now.’ And for those blissful days, Tracey Katona turned me into a ballerina. And believe me, I’m the least ballerina ballerina. With so much caring and joy she guided us through the steps, through the feeling. Our sweet and extraordinary group banded together. We were a supportive troupe. We had each other’s backs. And Tracey was always, always in our corner. Right before our performance, we stood in a circle as Tracey shared how incredibly proud she was and how much she believed in us and our possibilities. And so we danced. And once agin, I felt beautiful. To ignite that long buried piece of me with the beside the most extraordinary and caring people! It was wondrous. I think back to that experience with such a sense of fondness and love. I am grateful to Tracey and my fellow dancers for believing in me and for giving me their light. I will cherish it always.
— Jeryl Brunner (Journalist, Comedienne)